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Rules for animals


All animals will be health checked, the health and safety of the animals are always our priority.  After your animal is health checked (the vet will put a mark on your hand), tie it up and go to the registration (on the deck of the hall) to register and get your number.


Please read the rules below carefully, so you know what the expectations are on the day:
  • Any animals considered unwell, under age or underweight by the Ag Day committee will NOT be allowed to compete due to animal welfare.
  • LAMBS have to be shown in their natural condition. No washing or brushing as this removes the protective oil lanolin from their wool.
  • CALVES and BUFFALO may be washed and groomed, but not clipped or oiled. 
  • KIDS may be washed and brushed and feet clipped if necessary.
  • No CHICKENS allowed in the parade.
  • PETS - no parents are allowed in the pet tent while judging is on. No cats or dogs allowed.
  • There are no parents allowed in the rings. Judges, stewards, children and animals only.
  • There is no bottle feeding of animals while the judging is in progress.
  • Children must stay with their animals and pets or they will miss out.
  • Children must be feeding their own animals/chicken, they must not be still raised on their mother.
  • All children with an animal must be accompanied by an adult
  • Pets and plants do not count when giving out year badges.
  • The Agriculture Day Committee reserves the right at any time during the day, to disqualify any animal, if the rules are broken or if animals or considered to be at risk.