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Purpose statement

An inclusive community empowered to achieve and make a difference. 

Our core values 

Our Learner Dispositions

At Clevedon School, we explicitly teach what it means to be a good learner. Throughout the year teams will choose one or two of the following learner dispositions to teach through their units of inquiry:

Character - Developing my values and virtues. Learning to be a learner and to persevere. Being self-reflective, seeking and acting on feedback.

Collaboration- Working well with others. Making important decisions together. Learning from, and contributing to the learning of others. 

Communication- Communicating clearly and in a variety of ways for specific audiences.

Critical Thinking- Evaluating information and arguments to make informed judgements. Challenging my own and others’ assumptions and perceptions.

Citizenship- Thinking beyond myself and my immediate environment. Thinking like a global citizen and considering global issues. 

Creativity- Seeing things in new ways and finding different ways to solve problems. Creating new ideas or products. Being able to see and take opportunities.