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Weekly notices

Week 1, Term 1 notices and reminders

Nau mai hoki mai ki ngā whānau o Clevedon 

The staff wish to welcome you all back to the 2022 school year, due to start on Thursday 3 February. We hope you have all had a restful summer break and enjoyed time with your children, after what was another trying year for many. We know that 2022 hasn’t quite started how we all hoped, but as always we will do our very best to support our children to transition back and for whatever the year may bring. 

Staff are working hard over the next week to further plan and prepare for the year ahead. We are preparing the school for the red traffic light setting and are ensuring we follow all Ministries of Health and Education guidelines carefully. This letter was sent out with information on what this means for us at school. 

We know some of our children (and parents) are anxious to find out class placements for the year. Your child’s new teacher will send an email to you in the next few days to introduce themselves. Please note that class lists are not final until you receive this ‘official’ email from the teacher as we continue to make tweaks due to children leaving or coming into the school and a variety of other staffing factors. The school structure for the year is below for your reference. 

We wish to extend a special warm welcome to our new families who will be joining us for the first time this year. We look forward to working alongside you to educate your children and we thank you for choosing our school.  

Below you will find some information for the first couple of weeks in preparation for the term ahead. If you have any questions please feel free to call us once the office reopens next week on Tuesday. 

Ngā mihi

Edeh Sullivan 


Notices and reminders for the start of the year

  • Thursday 3 February - First day of school (children to go directly to new classrooms)

  • Monday 7 February - Waitangi day observed (no school)

School opening under ‘Red’ setting

Please see this letter for information on the Red traffic light setting and what this means for school. This was sent out to you earlier this week. We urge you to read the information carefully and discuss some aspects with your children. Thank you, as always, for supporting us in these unusual times.  

School office opening hours next week 

The school office will be open on Friday this week and Tuesday and Wednesday next week from 9am-2pm, should you have any questions or need anything prior to school opening. Please ensure you call or email us if you have any queries. Should it be necessary for you to come in, our admin staff will make arrangements with you. 

Admin block building projects

Please note that our admin block is still under construction and is being refurbished. We are hoping to be able to move the reception team back into the building in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, our office staff are working out of the Teacher Resource Room (between rooms 2 and 3). It is crucial that you call us instead of popping in under the ‘red’ setting. 

Staffing update 

We were sad this week to receive Miss Miranda Huang’s resignation. Miranda is leaving us due to some personal/health related reasons. We are so gutted to see Miranda leave us, but are fully supportive of her decision to look after herself and her health and will happily welcome her back when she is ready. 

We are in the fortunate position to be able to have Chene Oosthuysen, who we recruited for a different position, start in Miranda’s class from day one. Miranda will support Chene for a few weeks to ensure a smooth start. 

School structure 2022 and staffing 

A letter from your child's teacher will come out to you this week, so they know where to go on day one. 

  • Tōtara team - year 0-2 

    • Mrs Jodie Boyle (team leader) and Mrs Letitia Lane - The pod (year 0-1)

    • Miss Damson McGregor - room 5 (year 1)

    • Miss Chene Oosthuysen - room 11 (year 2)

      • We welcome Chene who is embarking on her teaching career at our school, although she has experience in early childhood settings. 

    • Mrs Rachel Ryan and Ms Lauren Comley - room 12 (year 2)

    • Miss Stevie Courtney - room 13 (year 2)

  • Pohutukawa team - year 3-4

    • Mr Chris Morgan (team leader) - room 15 (year 3-4)

    • Miss Maddy Taylor - room 16 (year 3-4)

    • Mrs Jalena Eade - room 4 (year 3-4)

  • Kauri team - year 5-6 

    • Mr Craig Smith (team leader) - room 2 (year 5-6)

    • Mrs Elme Meiring - room 1 (year 5-6)

    • Mr Liam Shepherd - room 3 (year 5)

  • We welcome Mr Liam Shepherd to our school. Liam will be a wonderful addition to our team with experience both in NZ and overseas and is covering for Mrs Pearse while she is on maternity leave in 2022. 

  • Kōwhai team - year 6-8 

    • Mrs Stacey Connolly (team leader) and Katie McAra - room 6 (year 7-8)

      • Katie will teach room 6 two days a week this year as Stacey carries out additional duties

    • Miss Rachel Walker - room 7 (year 6-7)

    • Mrs Jules Herlihy - room 8 (year 7-8)

    • Mrs Katie McAra - STEM lab (2 days per week)

  • Other key teaching staff 

    • Mrs Kylee Elliott - Reading Recovery 

    • Mr Wayne Nel - Learning Support Coordinator 

    • Ms Jo Odds - Arts Specialist 

    • Mrs Juls Mills - Release and additional learning support 

    • Mrs Sarah Park - Deputy Principal

    • Mrs Edeh Sullivan - Principal  

  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mrs Jodie Boyle will pick up the SENCo role at our school from this year and moving forward. Jodie 

has experience in this area and will be a wonderful part of the team alongside Mr Wayne Nel who is our Learning Support Coordinator (LSC). 

School App

Our school app is our main mechanism for getting comms out to you. Please check that you are still signed into the app if you have used it before, and if not, ensure you are set up before school starts. For assistance, contact the school office. 

This message, and others for the next couple of weeks will be emailed to you (in case our new families do not have the app set up) and also sent out on the app. If you did not get an app notification, please check that you are still logged in and your app notifications are on. 

School stationery

As per our school organisation we have bulk purchasing power and have all school stationery packs ready to go for the first day of school. All paid stationery will be in classrooms ready for children on the first day. There is no need to cover the exercise books in duraseal or the like. 

We ask that you help us by kindly paying for the stationery through KINDO by the end of the summer holidays. If you have any issues regarding stationery please do not hesitate to call us. 

This letter explains the stationery requirements for 2022. Stationery packs will be available for you to pay on your Kindo account from Wednesday 26 January. 

iPads and apps for year 3-8 classes 

This letter explains the requirement for the Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad classes from year 3-8. It also includes a list of all the apps that need to be downloaded and ready to go for the first day of school. 

We realise there are some supply issues with iPads at stores. There is no need to stress if you are struggling to source one. There are shared devices for children to use at school should they need it. 

Uniform 2022 

Kindly visit our school website for information on uniforms, including where to purchase. 


Term dates for 2022

Please see below for our school opening dates for 2022. 

Term 1:  Thursday 3 February - Thursday 14 April               

Term 2:  Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July                  

Term 3:  Monday 25 July - Friday 30 September             

Term 4:  Monday 17 October - Wednesday 14 December     

Teacher Only Days as per Collective Agreement 2019- 2022

As per the Education Sector Accord, primary teachers have been granted eight Teacher Only days over the course of the collective agreement. Teachers at Clevedon School have been granted four days in 2022. These dates are on our school calendar and are listed below. 

Dates as follows:

Term 1:

  • Tuesday 1 February and Wednesday 2 February 

  • Friday 18 March (week 7)

Term 2: 

  • Friday 3 June (week 5)  - Kāhui Ako Conference (Friday before Queen’s Birthday)

A message from Kelly Club (before and after school care)...

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

With NZ moving to the Red Level setting of the new framework, we just wanted to assure you that the Kelly Club "Protect Each Other" framework, which has been in place since the 2020 lockdowns and has continuously been updated in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education advice, is in place and allows us to continue to operate safely at the Red Light setting.

Please visit to read how things work at each traffic light colour.

There will be some changes to the way Kelly Club operates, similar to how we've run our recent holiday programme and we'll communicate these directly with Kelly Club Clevedon Parents via email, in due course. In the meantime, we'd encourage parents to make your before and after school care bookings at

Any further questions please email Kelly Club direct

Coach Bradley and the team are really looking forward to seeing you and your children again really soon!

Changes to the bus provider for 2022

The Ministry of Education has advised us that Howick and Eastern Buses have been contracted to do our school bus routes, instead of Murphy’s Buses. Lisa, our current bus driver extraordinaire, will continue her routes, and Howick and Eastern will employ someone for the Kawakawa Bay route. 

There are no changes to bus routes. You can find more information about buses by going to our website

Back to school transitioning tips from the Seasons for Growth programme 

Transitioning back into the new year after the holiday period and the disruptions of 2021, may cause feelings of anxiety especially for those who find change challenging. The holidays may provide a reprieve from work or school, but after having weeks of no homework, no school or work hours and later bed-times, it can be difficult to adjust straight back into the usual routine. Here are some suggestions to ease back into the start of a new school year:

Routine - get back into a routine by:

• setting bed-times and wake-times

• reducing screen time

• turning off devices an hour before sleep-time

• reading books

Choices - giving children choices can help them feel they have some control

• choosing their breakfast

• what to eat for morning tea and lunch

• helping pack their bags

Healthy eating - healthy eating choices are important to keep an active and healthy body and mind

• be aware they are eating a healthy breakfast

• provide ample food for lunch to get them through the day

Listen - talk to your children about their day and give them the opportunity to share any worries. Remember not to share your own anxieties. Listen to your child’s concerns and validate their feelings to show them you are listening and know they can handle it.

Acknowledge - acknowledge the transition back to school may not always be smooth. Listen to any worries and make a plan for dealing with these challenges. Perhaps practice with your child by role playing. This may help your child feel more confident to handle the situation if it arises.

Encourage - focus on the positive moments ahead. Discuss the things your child is looking forward to, whether it’s seeing or making new friends, playing sports or beginning a new activity. Encourage your child to participate in new activities and help them manage their time in the first term of school.

We’re a TaxGift school: TaxGift grows your donation!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Kindo and TaxGift, which you’ll see when you donate to us next year.

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Clevedon School Cycling (Mountain biking)

Whānau of students in year 7-8 interested in representing Clevedon School in the Auckland Schools Mountain Biking should read this letter and register their interest before Tuesday 8 February. For more information please email Mr Smith at


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