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Mathathon 2024

Our 'athon' this year focusses on developing our students' knowledge of maths basic facts. 

We have 5 lists of questions that are at different levels of complexity. We want as many of our students as possible to be able to instantly recall (without having to revert to strategy) their basic facts. Teachers will continue to teach problem solving strategies and the concepts behind how numbers and our place value system works through regular maths programmes. 

Below is what each ‘set’ will cover. Each child will be given a set to learn from week one this term, with testing in week six of the term. 

We hope as many children as possible can get behind it as possible. 

Set 1 (10 questions)

  • Addition and subtraction to 12 e.g. 8+3=

Set 2 (30 questions)

  • Addition and subtraction to 20 e.g. 20-8=

  • Doubles and halves e.g. double 4=

  • What number comes before/after to 100 e.g. What number comes after 70 

Set 3 (50 questions)

  • Addition and subtraction to 50

  • Multiplication up to the 10 times tables 

  • Number bonds to 100 e.g. ?+60=100

  • Number bonds to 1000 e.g. 800+?=1000

Set 4 (75 questions)

  • Addition and subtraction facts to 100 e.g. 74+?=20

  • Multiplication and division facts up to 12 times tables 

Set 5 (100 questions)

  • Addition and subtraction facts to 1000 

  • Multiplication and division up to 12 times tables

  • Fraction, decimals and percentage conversion e.g. 1/2 = 50% = 0.5

Test questions

Please click on the links below to view the set test questions. Your child's teacher will let you know which set your child needs to learn. The slideshows will be used to test the students on the Mathathon day and will be a good way to practise at home.  

Set one questions

Set two questions

Set three questions

Set four questions

Set five questions