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Te reo me te tikanga Māori

Te puna reo Māori

This year we have been using a programme called Te Puna Reo to help our teachers and students with te reo and tikanga Māori. It has great videos and resources and helps us focus on our units. This programme is also available for any whānau that would like to see what we have been learning. Please get in touch with us if you would like access to this site.

Term 1: Pepeha

Term 2: Matariki

Term 3: Te Marae

Term 4: Ahunga mai - early iwi Māori history


Each class begins the day with a morning karakia, we share a karakia before we eat and close the day with karakia.

Please click on the links below to access our school karakia that are taught and used in each team:

Karakia to begin the day:

Kia hora te marino

Whakataka te hau ki te uru

Karakia Tīmatanga

Karakia before we eat:

Karakia mo kai

Nau mai e nga hua - Tōtara team

Karakia to close the day:

Karakia Whakamutunga

Karakia Whakamutunga #2

Karakia Whakamutunga #3


We have been very lucky to have had a school waiata written and gifted to us, "Te kura o te Wairoa". All our students know this waiata and we regularly sing it in classes and assemblies. Click on the links below to access our school waiata and haka:

Te kura o te Wairoa

School haka

Our teams have a waiata that they focus on learning each term. As our learning this term is focussed on 'Matariki', we are learning waiata to support this.

Totara team waiata - Ngā whetū o Matariki

Kauri team waiata - Matariki Macarena

Kōwhai team waiata - Matariki by Uruwhetū

Kapa haka

Our school has two kapa haka groups: 

Te Waka Wairoa: Our senior group of students from Yr 4-8 who have opted in to be a part of kapa haka.

Te Puna-iti o Te Wairoa: All junior students in Yr 0-3.

Senior kapa haka practices are every Wednesday from 1:45pm-3:00pm.

Junior kapa haka practices are every Monday from 2:00pm-2:45pm.

Upcoming performances and events

Both junior and senior kapa haka groups will be performing at our Matariki assembly on Thursday 27th June.