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Clevedon School has four houses, each made up of vertical groupings of staff and students across all year levels. Siblings are placed in the same house. The four houses are named after NZ native birds, Weka, Kākā, Kiwi and Tui.

The purpose of our house system is to:

  • provide an opportunity for students from all levels of the school to interact
  • build new friendships
  • encourage older students to mentor and care for younger students
  • build school spirit
  • create a sense of identity and belonging
  • promote participation and competition 
  • provide opportunities for student leadership and student voice
  • provide a grouping through which we can deliver aspects of a pastoral programme

Current house standings

2011 - House Spirit Cup winners - Kiwi
2012 - House Spirit Cup winners - Kiwi
2013 - Winning house for the year - Tūī
2014 - House Spirit Cup winners -  Tūī
2014 - Winning house for the year - Kākā
2015 - House Spirit Cup winners - Tūī
2015 - Winning house for the year - Kākā
2016 - House Spirit Cup winners - Weka and Kākā
2016 - Winning house for the year - Kākā 
2017 - House Spirit Cup winners - Weka
2017 - Winning house for the year - Weka 
2018 - House Spirit Cup winners - Weka

2019 - House Spirit Cup winners - Tūī

2019- Winning House for the year - Kiwi 

2020 - House Spirit Cup winners - Kiwi

2020- Winning House for the year - Kiwi

2021 - House Spirit Cup winners - Kākā

2021- Winning House for the year - Tūī

2022 house leaders:


Isla Bell

Pheobe Murdoch

Annabelle Gibbard

James Kelly

Hayven Selby

Lizzie Blong

Amelia Hill

PJ French


House Spirit Day

The purpose of house spirit day is to enable our house leaders to lead their house through a creative and fun event that highlights a key theme that is chosen each year.
The house leaders write and direct a skit and chant that aims to meet the success criteria given. They then must take their vision and teach up to 100 students in their house ready for Spirit Day.