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Bus Travel Notification

If you would like your child to travel on the school bus to and/or from school, you will need to sign a bus contract form at the office and complete the Bus travel form
Please ensure your child knows exactly whether they are to travel on the bus or not, particulary if your plans change from their regular schedule. A phone call or email to the school office is essential if there are different from normal routine travel arrangments for your child. If we do not receive an email or phone call by 2:30 to say your child has different arrangements, then the child must go to the bus line and may be collected from there, once the teacher on duty is informed by you. 


Please talk to your child about where to wait safely for the bus in the morning and when getting off in the afternoon, before crossing the road. Your child will be dropped off, on a return trip, on the same side of the road as your house, if parents are not there to meet the bus. 


Bus Behaviour Contract

Please click here for the bus contract  

Bus Routes

There are 3 bus routes that currently operate for Clevedon School students. These buses are under Ministry of Education contract and are run by Murphy Buses and The Party Bus Company. 

1. North Road - Murphy Buses

Morning: This bus starts at 520 North Road at 8:25am and reaches school at approximately 8:35am. 

Afternoon: This bus leaves school by approximately 3:10pm and reaches 520 North Road at 3.15pm.

2. Tourist Road - Murphy Buses

Morning: This bus leaves the school at 7:50am going via McNicol Road, Tourist Road and Monument Road to the terminus at Munros Road by 8:05am arriving back at school approximately 8:20am.

Afternoon: This bus leaves school at 3:25pm going via McNicol Road, Tourist Road and Monument Road to the terminus at Munros Road by 3:40pm.

3. Kawakawa Bay - The Party Bus Company

Morning: This bus leaves from the Kawakawa Bay Boat Ramp at 8.00am, stopping at the dairy and leaving at 8.05am, then onto Townson Road leaving at 8.15am, going via Ness Valley at 8:25am, arriving at school approximately 8:40am.

Afternoon: This bus leaves school at 3:10pm going via Ness Valley at approximately 3.25pm, arriving at the Terminus at Townson Road approximately 3:40pm.

Criteria for Eligibility to Travel on the Bus 

Please read below for the Ministry of Education guidelines:

To meet the age and distance criteria, a student must live further than a certain distance from the nearest appropriate school, regardless of whether it is the school the student attends. The distance is measured over the shortest public road or public pedestrian route from the nearest appropriate school.

The distances are:
• More than 3.2 kilometres for students under 10 years of age;
• More than 4.8 kilometres for students 10 years of age or over.

For more information on who is eligible for school transport assistance go to:

Ministry of Education - Bus Information

School transport factsheets – Ministry of Education 12/4/2013