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Jolly Jars

What are jolly jars?

One of the most exciting events for Ag day are our jolly jars. This is a long standing tradition here at Clevedon School and has been an integral part of the day for many, many years.


We ask that each student brings a jolly jar to school - house points accompany jolly jars.

If you are unsure what jolly jars are - just google them and you will find all sorts of ideas. Basically you fill a jar with goodies - of any description and decorate the jar. These are then sold at school to the students the day before Ag Day and they take them home and enjoy what is inside.

We have many wonderful grandparents who make us lots of jolly jars and we ask that each child donates one jar and then all our children are able to buy and enjoy them here at school. It is time to get creative and start making your jars.


  • Jolly jars are a traditional part of Ag day
  • Jolly Jars are filled with trinkets, stickers, lollies, little treats and anything else you can think of
  • Jolly Jars are sold the day before Agriculture Day. Prices range from $1.00 to $5.00
  • Please make sure your jar is plastic


Common Questions:

Do Jolly Jars have to have sweets in them?

No, some people fill them with balloons, toys, stickers, action figures etc.


Do I have to spend a lot of money?

No, people collect party favours, fast food toys etc. during the year and add these. The $2 shop is a great place to get items. Please note that we sell the jolly jars for prices ranging from $1 to $5. Keep this in mind when making your jars, if you spend $20 on it, it will still be sold for $5.


Can my child buy their own jar back?

Only if it is out on the table when their class visits. We have a roster and rotate the stock on the tables as the classes go through.


What if my child has an allergy?

You can make a special jar for them and put a label on it. Alternatively, we do keep jars that don’t have food in them aside and sell these to allergy sensitive children.