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Animal contacts 

Calves for Ag day

We will lend you a calf of your choice from our herd. We will deliver it to you with 2 x bags of milk powder and 2 x bags of grain for a total cost of $225. You are only paying for the food at a wholesale price no transport costs.

Your child can rear it , take it to ag day then afterwards we will pick it up at a convenient time. It’s a no hassle cheap way to arrive at ag day. 

All the fun with minimal outlay

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Call us today to put your name down so you don’t miss out.

Nikola 021313555

Jacky Powell


Students wanting to experience a calf can:

1. loan one of our heifers which will stay on the farm. They can come over each afternoon to feed, lead and brush, or when they like to visit. There is no cost, students will need to supply their own leads and brushes. 
2. Purchase either a bull or non keeper for $120 each. 
We are about 2 min from Brookby school. 

Contact details: 0223508871 or email

Tessa Handcock
The Vet Centre, Pukekohe

Calves and lambs are starting to appear around the district which means it won’t be long before calf club time!

The Vet Centre offers free vaccination for calf club animals.  We hold a special day at our clinics where anyone is welcome to bring their animal for us to examine and vaccinate.  The date of these days is to be confirmed closer to the time.  We are also always readily available for any health concerns relating to calf club animals.

We also offer talks to the children regarding care of animals, etc. We can combine a vaccination day at the school with the talk if you are interested. Let me know and we can arrange a day and time that suits you.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance at all during calf club time. 

Tesssa Handcock BVSc

The Vet Centre Pukekohe



Oete goat farm, Patumahoe

Kid goats will be sold at $50 per goat and this comes with a discount voucher for franklin vets for dehorning and vaccinations.

At the farm there will also be available to purchase milk powder designed for kids as well as starter meal.

Contact details: 0211 822 858

Liz Whitford

  • Coopworth/Suffolk X available from 10th July
  • Coopworth available from 28th July
  • Colostrum fed
  • 5-7 days old
  • Mixed Sex
  • Coopworth and Suffolk X
  • Docked and vaccinated
  • Guaranteed pickup Bombay and Pukekohe

 $60 each

Contact details: Liz Whitford – 092333070 or

Other contacts for animals:

Kid goats - Matt 027 5317267

Kid goats - Sadi 0211 822 858, Oete Goat Farm, Patumahoe- $50 per goat.  This includes a discount voucher for use at Franklin Vets for dehorning and vaccinations.  Milk powder and starter meal are also available for purchase at the farm.

Lambs - Mal 2922887

Lambs - Marcus de Graaf 021898890 The lambs are Wiltshire and will all be rams. The sheep are black or black/white. They are shedding sheep so are easy to look after. They range in price from $80-$110. Marcus may be able to buy/take them back if they have room. 


 Animal Supplies

Contact the Village Saddlery for your Ag day supplies.

Ag Day Flyer for School.pdf