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Wayne Nel


Learning Support Coordinator (LSC)


General Information

It is my great pleasure to be part of Clevedon School team. With over 20 years of teaching experience under my belt, I have had the privilege of working in schools both here and in South Africa where I started my teaching career.
Teaching has always been my passion and I started my teaching career in the same school I attended as a primary school learner. I went on to working at a well-known private South African girls school, where I was first introduced to the idea of a wrap-around system, geared toward providing support for learners, their families, teachers and the wider community.
In 2011 my wife Tish and I uprooted our little family and came to New Zealand to provide more opportunities for our two daughters Victoria (19) and Rebecca (17). My first New Zealand teaching experience was in South Auckland where I was first exposed to the melting
pot which makes up the South Auckland community. I spent five very happy years at the school and was fortunate enough to then win a position at Stand Tu Maia. In the last four years I have become better acquainted with trauma-informed practice and a strengths-based approach in dealing with the children in my care. The concept of a ‘World strong with children’ has become part of my core practice and informs all my dealings with both tamariki and whanau.