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Term One Learning

Your child’s learning needs are individual and as such, will be catered for during small group lessons taken with their teacher. Other whole-class learning experiences you can expect your child to participate in are outlined below. For more information, please contact your child’s teacher.

Oral language focus: News sharing

Reading: Stories and poetry

Writing: Recount, narrative, and descriptive writing

Numeracy: Number knowledge/strategies

Health and Physical education: Swimming, fundamental movement skills and daily fitness

The Arts: Dance and drama

Inquiry themes: Science and social studies


Seesaw is our window into the classroom. It is a sharing platform where students and teachers post snapshots of the learning that happens throughout the year. Teachers also use Seesaw as an assessment tool. Your child and their teacher welcome comments, questions and other feedback about the learning happening in class and at home.

Your child’s teacher will send home more information and how to sign up in the first few weeks of term one. To learn more about Seesaw, please visit: What is Seesaw?

Bring Your Own iPad (BYO iPad)

Students continue to use their iPads to enhance learning in all curriculum areas. To support your child’s teacher and your child’s learning, we ask that read, sign and regularly review our Responsible use agreement and our BYOiPad agreement linked below:

Responsible Use Agreement

BYOiPad agreement

In addition to these two documents, please refer to our iPad information letter to ensure your child has the correct apps installed on their iPad:

BYO iPad - Pohutukawa - iPads set up for 2020

If you have any questions about ICT and/or iPads please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher. 

Learning Hub

The learning hub is a resource that students can use to access resources to help with their learning.

Check out our learning hub here.


Classrooms are open from 8.30 am. When entering the classroom in the morning, students are required to unpack their bags and prepare for the day's learning. This includes changing their home reader and putting their iPad in their tote tray.

This is also a great time to talk with your child’s teacher. If you have a private matter you would like to discuss, however, please schedule a mutually agreeable time to meet with your child’s teacher.

Eating During Class

During class, students are permitted to drink water or eat raw fruit or vegetables. This is scheduled for after morning fitness at approximately 10.00am. Only prepared raw fruit, vegetables and water will be allowed during this time. As this is not a break, please ensure that the fruit or vegetables are prepared in a way which makes them easy to eat and leaves little mess.

Lunch Rubbish And Waste-free Wednesday

To help reduce rubbish at school we are encouraging students to have a waste-free lunch box every day and take any rubbish home in their lunchbox. Every Wednesday we reward students for having a waste-free lunchbox. Consider how you can package your child's lunch in reusable containers to ensure that there is no waste created.

Home Learning

Home learning expectations for the Pohutukawa team are outlined below. Home learning is set on Friday and completed by the following Friday. The aim of home learning in Pohutukawa is to reinforce current learning at school and practice life skills such as self-discipline and time management.


Students are to complete the two set tasks assigned to them by their teacher. The letter linked below contains further information about Mathletics and how to create a parent login to check your child’s progress.

Mathletics Parent letter


We ask that students are engaged in reading at least five nights a week for 10-15 minutes. This could be your child reading to you, you reading to them or another reading activity. 


We ask that students practise their set of ten spelling words at least three times per week. Students can practise using Look, Cover, Write, Check to help them memorise their words. Students also have access to a slideshow with fun activities that can be used to help them learn their spelling words.

If at any stage your child is unable to complete their home learning, please contact your child’s teacher.

Learning Progressions And Assessment

Below you will find some links to help you understand the learning progressions in reading, writing and maths. These progressions are being used in class with students so that students understand where they are and what their next steps will be. Please use the links provided. Classroom teachers will be able to discuss these with you in more detail.


Reading progressions Y1-5 

This document shows the reading progressions for Year 1-5:


Writing progressions 

This document describes the writing progressions through the seven dimensions and writing behaviours, which writing is assessed on:


Number progressions

This rubric shows the number (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions/ratios) and algebra progressions for maths for all year levels.

Statistics progressions

This rubric shows the statistics progressions for maths for all year levels.

Geometry and measurement progressions

This rubric shows the geometry and measurement progressions for maths for all year levels.


School and Sports Uniform

Students should be in summer school uniform for term 1 and 4, and winter school uniforms for term 2 and 3 which includes closed-toe shoes. For information about the school uniform expectations click the link below.

Clevedon School Uniform Policy

Please ensure all parts of the school uniform are named clearly. If your child is unable to take part in P.E., please provide a written note indicating when you expect them to return to full involvement.


In summer months students require a Clevedon School hat to be allowed to play in the sun. It is recommended that students wear sunblock to school and this can be topped up before any outdoor activities with the sunblock in your child's classroom. 


In wet/winter months it is recommended that your child bring a change of clothes if he or she wishes to play on the field. This ensures their school and sports uniforms are kept clean and presentable. 

Our Contact Details

We operate an open-door policy in the Pohutukawa team, so please come in and see us if you have any issues or concerns. Your child’s teacher is the first port of call, then the team leader. 

Chris Morgan 

Jules Mills

Bronwynn Bull

Kath Harris 

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Denise Moyle