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Living in New Zealand

New Zealand comprises of two main land masses; the North Island and the South Island. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean, 1500km east of Australia. New Zealand cities, scenery and cultures are diverse and vibrant.

New Zealand information:

  • English speaking
  • Population 4.5 million people
  • Multi-cultural society
  • High standard of education - Internationally recognised
  • Safe environment
  • Beautiful scenery - lakes, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and countryside
  • Many sporting, cultural and recreational activities available
  • Mild and temperate climate

Auckland information:

In the Maori language, Auckland is known as Tamaki Makau Rau, the city of 100 lovers. It earned this name because it was a place desired by all and conquered by many.
Auckland is home to a multi-cultural community of 1.3 million people, including Pacific, Asian, Indian, African, Maori, Middle Eastern and European cultures.
The Auckland cityscape includes fabulous boutique shopping, museums and art galleries, numerous cafes and restaurants, and dance and nightclubs that are world-class.
Getting out and about is easy – Auckland is within a day’s travel of beaches, wilderness, ski fields, volcanoes, countryside, islands and mountains.
Finding the right balance between quality education and a warm and welcoming environment is as easy as finding Auckland. Every year more than 40,000 international students take advantage of Auckland’s world class institutions and enjoy our energising way of life.
 New Zealand’s British based education system is internationally recognised. Qualifications in the secondary school, vocational education and university sectors are linked in a national framework, so you can advance from one level to the next.

Auckland has a temperate climate with warm, dry summers.
Spring: September to November, 15 – 20 °C, spring flowers blossom everywhere.
Summer: November to March, 20 – 28 °C, a great time for swimming and relaxing at the beach.
Autumn: March to May, 16 – 20 °C, the leaves on the trees turn orange and gold.
Winter: June to September, 6 – 15 °C, snow skiing is just four hours away from the city.

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