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Sports events and information - 2018

Clevedon School Sporting Event Guidelines

Please refer to our guidelines for sporting events that our school participates in. This document outlines the processes and procedures for participation and selection in these events.

Sporting event guidelines

Our Sports Leaders

Daniel Murray

Brooke Lee

Hanna Luostari

Caelan Clark

Term 1

Water Polo - Year 7/8

This term our year 7 and 8 students are involved in an Intermediate Water Polo Tournament being held at The Manurewa Aquatic Centre. We wish these students good luck.

Community Swimming Lessons

Students in years 3-6 have been lucky to have the Community Swimming Lessons in the school this term. This program gives us three swimming instructors in the pool, helping us learn from basic water safety through to improving our swimming technique in some of the different strokes, all courtesy of the John Walker: Find your field of dreams foundation.

For more information please visit

Pukekohe Raceway Kids Obstacle Duathlon

The Pukekohe Kids Obstacle Duathlon is an event that encourages students from all around Auckland to challenge themselves & enjoy the thrill of competing in a unique Obstacle Duathlon. We celebrate the success of the winners, and also the successful participation of students of all abilities. The endurance event is professionally managed with the support of over 40 volunteer marshals working hard to provide all competitors with a safe and enjoyable event.

For more information please visit BSG Events

Term 2

Clevedon School’s Cross Country and Fun Run

This year, early in term 2 Clevedon School students will take part in a dual Cross Country event held at school. Students have been training since March and should be raring to go! This event is also our annual fundraiser in 2018, for more information please visit or ask at the school office.

Kiwisport Football

Kiwisport has kindly accessed funding to allow for the delivery of an in-school programme delivered by qualified football coaches in school time. The programme allows for the schools to put the classes through an 8 week programme, the programme is a New Zealand Football Schools programme for primary aged children. It is sponsored by 5+A Day and is a programme that children enjoy and learn new skills through. In term 2 students in Pohutukawa, Kauri, and Kowhai will enjoy the coaching of the Kiwisport Football coaching team.

NZ Football for Children

This term all Clevedon School students will participate in the one-day Football for Children programme. The programme is centred around fun and enjoyment with an emphasis on motor skills development, agility and coordination. The students have a great time playing within the inflatable fields. Those who wish are also able to subscribe to an 8-week programme run once a week during lunch times to further develop their skills. For more details please email or ask at the school office.


This term presents our senior students with the chance to take part in a one-day Hockey tournament against other ECCS schools. Our athletes travel to Lloyd Elsmore in Pakuranga and compete for a position on the ECCS team to represent our cluster at the Counties Hockey competition.

Term 3

ECCS Cross Country

This term our students compete for the opportunity to be sent to ECCS Cross Country. They will test their endurance against the best runners from our ECCS cluster.

Water Polo - Year 5/6

This term our year 5 and 6 students are involved in an Introduction to Water Polo Programme being held at The Manurewa Aquatic Centre. We wish these students good luck.

Netball Funday

This term presents our year 5-8 students with the chance to take part in a one-day Netball Funday with other ECCS schools. This is a fun event that focuses on participation and sportsmanship.

Term 4


Athletics is a massive focus for our learners in term 4. Students of all ages have been learning how to use their bodies to throw, jump, and run faster than ever before. Students in year 6-8 have been honing their skills and have selected a range of events to compete in on our Athletics Day at Massey Park in Papakura.

ECCS Athletics

Students in year 6-8 who successfully made the Clevedon School Athletics team will again compete at Massey Park, but this time against the best the ECCS has to offer. If successful here, they will represent ECCS at Counties Athletics later in the term.

Clevedon School Competitive Swimming

The term 4 Clevedon School Competitive Swimming event is organised for those who wish to compete in a more competitive swimming event and is essential for those wishing to qualify to represent Clevedon School at the annual ECCS Swimming event held early each year.