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The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) 

The Clevedon School PTFA exists to create memorable experiences for our children while delivering essential fundraising to our school. 

The PTFA’s current purpose is to financially support our school’s ‘NEEDS’ (to offset unpaid donations)

The PTFA’s aim for the future is to financially support our school’s ‘WANTS’. 

The PTFA's goal is "more people doing less". We encourage you to muck in, have fun and meet other parents. Our amazing events not only serve as fundraisers, but as community builders. Acitvely supporting these events, not only sets a great example to our children but illustrates collaboratiion in action.
Every little bit helps!  
Since the PTFA's establishment in 2016, we have developed a planned and team-driven approach. Our annual Calendar of Activities is agreed at our AGM in March. This enables volunteers to plan for events well in advance, highlighting our respect for volunteer time and intention to maximise funds raised through sponsorship.  
Below is what we intend to achieve in 2018. 

Please email to register your interest in a specific area or to simply join the database as a casual helper.  

2018 PTFA Activities

PTFA Survey 

Thank you to those 115 families who completed our survey in February. It was great to see so much interest and support for PTFA activities. Your feedback directly influences your children's experiences this year.
Please see THIS REPORT to review survey feedback and PTFA response.


2018 Calendar of Activities 

Every activity requires 'on-the-day' volunteers. Typically, you will be slotted into a roster made up of 30-minute time slots.  

Keep an eye out for PTFA updates in the school newsletters or weekly notices to see how you can help out.











Wed 21:

Swimming (Food)



Easter Raffle

Fri 18:





Senior Movie Night/other


Fri 21:

AG Day (Food + more) 


Fri 2:



Fri 9:




Christmas Lights


  • Food (eg: Baps, Smoothies, Sausages) – Stalls providing healthy food at key events eg:  X-Country, AG Day and Athletics.
  • AG Day – PTFA provides food stalls including cake/sweet stalls, as well as organising raffles.
  • Christmas Lights – Classes are decorated and Santa's grotto comes alive and there are plenty of stalls and entertainment for the community, including a family picnic.
  • Class Ambassadors – Each class has a parent representative to provide a link between parents, the PTFA and teachers. For more information or to register your interest please email


2018 Roles Grid 



Coaches / Support

Core Team
Nicky Toresen
Nicki Henshaw, Nicky White
Natalie Barrett
Billie Murison, Nicky Henshaw
Lisa Compston-Downes
Nicky Toresen, Nicky White
Jessica Ebrey
Carol Gibbard
Class Ambassadors
Karen Crerar
Nicky Toresen
FOOD (five events)


LEAD Catering 
Nicki Henshaw
Nicky Toresen
Ismay Johnston
Nicki Henshaw
Karen Crerar
Nicky White
Nicky White
Lisa Compston-Downes
AG Day 
Nicky Toresen
Nicki Henshaw
Nicki Henshaw
Nicky Toresen
Cake Stall
Phoebe Taylor
Crisna Taljaard, Sarah French
Sweet Stall
Zandra Wackenier
Jules Mills
Roster (for all stalls)
Natalie O’Brien
Carol Gibbard
Major Raffle - Admin
Helen Morrison
Nicky Toresen
Quickfire Raffle
Tesh Lane
Summer Deverell, Megan Allott, Michaella McKenzie
Natalie Barrett
Nicky Toresen
Treasure Chest
Nic Brothers, Danielle Wright


Easter Raffle
Tesh Lane
Summer Deverell, Megan Allott, Michaella McKenzie
Junior Disco
Phoebe Taylor + Crisna Taljaard
Nicky White, Nicki Henshaw, Carol Gibbard
Senior Event/Movie Night
Ange Willis + TBC
Jen Paterson, Nicky Toresen
Christmas Lights
Summer Deverell + Ange Willis
Caroline Bell

Note: if no-one comes forward to fill  TBC then event will be cancelled.

New Fundraising Ideas?

Do you have a fundraising idea/initiative that you'd like to bring to life? Please click here to download a form to complete.  This includes details on how you can support the idea, as volunteers are our most limited resource.



PTFA Policies

To provide clarity to parents and streamline understanding for volunteers, the below policies were agreed at the 2018 AGM.



Food continues rain or shine - If an event is rained-out or rescheduled for any reason, food will still be provided on the same day at school.

- Volunteers Essential -  If a Lead Coordinator or adequate volunteer support can’t be found (or pulls out) then the activity/event will be cancelled.



- Sustainable involvement cycle – the PTFA needs to be a self-fulfilling legacy, a team of people who are constantly evolving. A work load shared, having fun supporting our school. The intention is for key roles to be undertaken for two years, after which time the lead person(s) will move into a coaching role only.

- Continuous improvement - The PTFA strives to continuously improve everything we do, from processes to quality of food and service.  This enhances both our effectiveness to the school and volunteer satisfaction. 


You are the PTFA’s most valuable asset

Everyone in our community has something to offer. Without a lot of people adding a little bit of value the PTFA is incapable of carrying out plans for the year and ultimately incapable of providing support to our fabulous school. 


Let’s work together and achieve great things for our school in 2018 and beyond.


Please email the PTFA if you’re able to be involved in any way