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Term 1

We are very excited about teaching your children this year and helping them settle into school, as well as getting to know you all.  This year, Totara team  consists of 5 classroom teachers, who will be collaboratively planning and delivering our classroom programmes.  Miss Stevie Courtney joins Mrs Rachel Ryan and Mrs Jodie Boyle in Pod 3.  Miranda Huang will be teaching in Room 11 and we welcome Stacey Rowe in Room 12.

We have a very busy term ahead of us with many activities coming up. Some highlights include swimming, PRIDE week,  3 way conferences  and of course our house spirit day, to name a few.

Key information to start the year:

Uniform: Please ensure your child is wearing the correct summer uniform, with everything named, including their hat. We will be encouraging our students to keep their hats in their school bags, so they can be easily located. 

Swimming: This will be on a Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure your child has their togs and towels in a separate bag with all items named.

Home Learning:  We will be testing the children over the next few weeks and will be grouping accordingly. Home readers will be coming home from Week 2. Please spend ten minutes reading with your child each evening and then sign the Reading Journal. We will be celebrating our ‘Nights Reading’ in class, and will be encouraging our students to be reading daily. Your child will also receive some sight words (‘ring words’) to learn once we have completed initial testing. We will send home some suggestions for reading with your child in their Home Learning books.

Once your child has reached a green reading level, they are given spelling words to learn daily. These will be a combination of words from the appropriate essential list and also words they are spelling incorrectly in their writing books.

Brainfood: We will be stopping for a brain food snack at around 10am every morning. Please ensure your child has a manageable piece of fruit or vegetable to eat.  We encourage the children to have named, water filled, drinking bottles in class and these can also be kept on the table inside the door.

We are always in our classrooms from 8:30am and welcome you to pop in, but please appreciate that once the bell rings the children need our full attention. If you could possibly have your child at school by 8:45 (at the latest), so they have a chance to prepare themselves for the day ahead and to interact with their peers.

We are in the process of setting up Seesaw for our classes as a platform for sharing our work with you all. We will be encouraging and welcoming parent and student feedback on these, once they are all set up.

We look forward to getting to know you all. Please pop in and introduce yourselves or drop us an email if you have any queries.

Our emails are:

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Room 12