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Anne Lindale


Executive Officer


General Information

Every great organisation needs a numbers person. I count myself beyond lucky to have landed my dream job when I was taken on board in January 2018 to keep track of Clevedon School’s numbers.

I am responsible for all things financial and for ensuring they're as solid as can be. That includes everything from the day-to-day dollars and cents of financial transactions to setting and ensuring we stay within a budget somewhat constrained by the operations grant allocated by the Ministry of Education.

I love, love, love the enthusiasm, engagement and just overall friendliness of the whole team at Clevedon School. You can see and feel the positive impact the working relationships have on the motivation of our team and on our Clevedon Kids.

On a personal note, Rarotonga (or any Pacific Island) rates as my happy place. I can also, way too sporadically, be found in my gardens - with results that can best be described as “unfortunate”.