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Kōwhai News Term 1 2019 

Welcome to term one in our year 7 and 8 classes. Here is some helpful information about what is happening. 

Upcoming Events:

Term one of a camp year is extremely busy for the Kōwhai team so please check the calendar frequently to keep yourself up to date. Students are also encouraged to check the calendar and daily notices to develop their time management skills.



Units of inquiry:

Change - changing a culture 

On our return from camp, we will be exploring the culture of our school, changes we might like to make and how we could make these changes. Please take the time to discuss this with your child and support your child's learning by giving glow (things they have done well) comments and grow (things they could do in order to improve their work) comments. 



The following literacy skills will be the main foci for this term:

  • Written language/oral language: vocabulary, word study, motivation and ideas for writing.
  • Reading: Exploring and delving deeper into a range of text types, including making sense of news articles.
  • Visual language: Photographic composition.


This term students students will be exploring their areas of mathematics that they have identified as their most important needs, starting with a focus on number knowledge to build the foundations for further mathematical problem-solving. Later in the term, we will develop geometry and measurement, in particular map reading and orientation through a focus on orienteering.

Physical Education and Health

Students will be developing their skills in water safety and later in the term they will learn more about orienteering. Please make sure students have their sports uniform with them each day.


Kōwhai students will continue to learn Te Reo Māori for an hour a week with Whaea Ani.

Home Learning

The students will be assigned Manga High tasks as their maths home learning. Please support your child completing these by the due date. This is a new programme for the team so please encourage your child to ask questions when they are at school if they are unsure. This programme has been chosen due to its help functionality with the higher levels.

Additional home learning will be issued throughout the year in areas such as inquiry and literacy as required. Please discuss with your child if they are up to date with their class work and if they have any home learning. They will usually say "No" but please ask a few questions. Students may also be asked to complete any unfinished class work at home. Please see your class teacher if there are any concerns. 

Technology and Science

This year, students will be attending technology classes on the following days: 

Room 1: Tuesday 9.30-1.00 odd weeks Group A and even weeks Group B

Room 2: Wednesday 9.30-1.00 odd weeks Group A and even weeks Group B

Room 3: Monday 9.30-1.00 odd weeks Group A and even weeks Group B 

Starting in term one we will also be starting science rotations. 


One group will attend technology from each class at any one time. The other group will remain with the class teacher. Our students are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a specialist technology teacher, Mr Melvin Din.  

For further information about learning please click on the button Kōwhai Learning Hub


As the senior team, the expectations placed on the pupils are reflective of their ages and stages of development. The expectations are as follows:

  • Students will take responsibility for their behaviour and accept consequences.
  • Students will take responsibility for their learning and progress.
  • All pupils are role models to the younger students of the school.
  • Students with leadership roles will actively carry out their responsibilities showing initiative and integrity.
  • Students will monitor their responsibilities and will be diligent in their roles. 

Roles and Responsibilities

If your child has a role within the school please support them by asking how they are going and what they have been doing to make a difference. Encouragement for commitment to their role is always appreciated.


Eating during class

Students may eat and drink brain food at any time in class if they feel it is necessary to. The following guidelines apply:
  • Water only (no juice etc.)
  • Raw fruit or vegetables
  • Easy to eat while working
  • This can be at any time of the day - as and when they are hungry or thirsty

Our Contact Details

We operate with an open door policy in the Kōwhai team, so please come in and see us if you have any compliments or concerns. The class teacher is the first port of call, then the team leader. We look forward to a great year working together to help support your child and their learning at Clevedon School.

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