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Welcome to Room 3 

Room 3 is a positive, vibrant hub of learning and collaboration. Ms (Jo) Odds is our teacher.  

Our class is a place where we can try new things, take risks, be creative and reflect on our experiences. This is how we learn and make progress, getting ourselves ready for high school.

As year 7/8 students, we work hard to show the PRIDE values and the 6Cs in everything we do, modelling these to our younger schoolmates.

We are proud to be part of the Kōwhai team and leaders of our school in 2019. 

Kōwhai's Learning Hub

The Kōwhai learning hub is a space where we access resources, timetables and learning plans, share our learning, and connect and collaborate with a wider audience.

Check out what we are learning, celebrate our achievements and read our news and writing on our Room 3 class blog within the Hub. Don't forget to leave comments, as we love hearing what our readers think.


Kōwhai Learning Hub