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Term one and two news - Kauri team

Welcome back to 2019.

We have a very exciting year planned with new families and students to welcome into our whanau - and a fantastic new space to learn in. 



Seesaw is our new window into the classroom. It is a sharing platform where students and teachers post snapshots of the learning that happens throughout the year. This might be in the form of a video, photo, document or other various apps. Parents are able to see their child’s personal ‘portfolio’ and give likes or write comments. It is a great way to see what your child is has been working on as well as providing great opportunities for discussion as a family. Your child’s teacher will send home some more information as well as a QR code to sign up to. All you need to do is download the free Seesaw Family app onto your smartphone or device. There will be more information about Seesaw during one of our information evenings. Keep your eye out for an email with more information about this shortly. For more information, or to download the Seesaw Parent App, click the link below. 

What is Seesaw?


We are very excited about our first Kauri Camp this year. Be sure to keep on eye on your inbox and the weekly notices for updates, and be sure to check out your child’s class blog on Seesaw. For more information or to review past notices, please visit use the links below.




1st letter to parents - Friday 7 December 2018 


2nd letter to parents - Friday 1 February 2019 


Student permission and medical forms 


 Student Medical Information and Contact Details


Kauri Camp Gear List 


Parent helper forms 


Medical information and contact details parent helpers 


Police vetting form 

Bring your own iPad (BYOiPad)

For help learning how to use the iPad you child will use at school, consider attending one of Stuart Hale’s iEducation Parent Seminars at school. Check the Weekly Notices or School Calendar for more information. 

Weekly notices 


School Calendar 

For additional information, please see the links below:

BYO iPad information letter and App List 

Bring your own device agreement

Responsible use agreement - student 



We start in Term One with Who We Are. This inquiry fits in with our 2019 school wide theme of CHANGE.  

In Kauri, our central idea is 'Social change requires cooperation'.  As a part of this idea, our students will also develop an understanding of different values and worldviews.


Students will be coming home with some great questions to ask of you and your wider whanau - they will want to find out what kind of change has happened over your lives. Perhaps how your whanau came to be in New Zealand, or how transport has changed in your life, or any other kind of change that you would like to talk to them about.

They will be learning about and using innovative techniques to gather this information and also to present it towards the end of the Inquiry. Watch this space!


We will be reading and writing fiction and nonfiction texts including narratives, descriptions and reflective writing. Students collect and engage in survey data when planning to address the needs of the students in their school. 

We will be reading a range of 'sophisticated picture books' in class to practice reading comprehension strategies such as summarising, questioning and inferring. Kauri classes will also be engaging in discussion around the world as part of the global read-aloud later in the year.

Maths and Statistics

In terms 1-2, classes will reinforce place value knowledge, addition and subtractions strategies and basic facts. Problem-solving approaches will also be a focus. We will also begin developing our geometry knowledge and learn skills to engage in this area of the maths curriculum.

Physical Education

Swimming lessons courtesy of the John Walker Field of Dreams will develop our skills and safety in the water. We also plan on developing our aerobic fitness in anticipation for our school cross country event.

Digital Citizenship 

Every term we have a citizenship day across the school. On this day we focus on digital safety, digital literacy and digital capability as per team and class needs. Topics covered in the past include the use of social media, the believability of information online, referencing information sources, email etiquette, research skills and note-taking. 

Learning progressions and assessment

Below you will find some links to help you understand the learning progressions in reading, writing and maths. These progressions are being used in class with students so that students understand where they are and what their next steps will be. Classroom teachers will be able to discuss these with you in more detail.

This writing rubric shows the 7 dimensions which writing is assessed on:

Writing rubric and writing behaviours

This rubric shows the reading progressions for Year 1-5:

Reading progressions


This rubric shows the reading progressions for Year 6-8:

Reading progressions


This rubric shows the number (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions/ratios) and algebra progressions for maths for all year levels:

Number and algebra progressions


This rubric shows the statistics progressions for maths for all year levels: 

Statistics progressions

This rubric shows the geometry and measurement progressions for maths for all year levels:

Geometry and measurement progressions


Home learning

Each class will be notified of their home learning expectations and students will be told where they can find home learning information - this will be provided through Google Suite and their iPad. Home learning in both Kauri pods will consist of the following and will be set for 7 days, Monday -  Friday.

Mathletics - 1000 points through completing set tasks and basic facts activities

Reading - Students will be given a free login to ReadTheory to develop reading skills and knowledge. Students gain ‘Knowledge Points’ or ‘KP’ similar to Mathletics. We encourage students to aim for 100 KP per week.

A Writing task - Students will be given an opportunity to reflect and respond on their work in class. This might entail crafting a written response to prompt, giving and receiving feedback, or completing independent/own choice writing. 

If it any stage your child is unable to complete their home learning, please contact your child’s teachers. The aim of home learning in Kauri is to reinforce current learning at school and practice life skills such as self discipline and time management.

The letter below contains further information about Mathletics and how to create a parent login to check your child’s progress. Alternatively you can use your child's Mathletics login to register for weekly email updates on how they are using their Mathletics subscription.

Parents letter Mathletics 


Parent registration 


School and sports uniform

Students should be in summer school uniform for term 1 and 4, and winter school uniforms for term 2 and 3 which includes closed toe shoes. For information about school uniform expectation click the link below. 


In summer months students require a Clevedon School hat to be allowed to play in the sun. It is recommended that students wear sunblock to school and this can be topped up before any outdoor activities with the sunblock in your child's classroom. 

In wet/winter months it is recommended that your child bring a change of clothes if he or she wishes to play on the field. This ensures their school and sports uniforms are kept clean and presentable. 

Please ensure all parts of the school uniform are named clearly. Students also need to bring their sports uniform when required. 


Classrooms are open from 8.30am. When entering the classroom in the morning, students are required to unpack their bags and prepare for the day's learning. This includes checking the timetable for the day, making sure their pencil cases and exercise books are ready and placing these in their chosen learning space for the morning block. 

Eating during class

During class, students are permitted to drink water or eat raw fruit or vegetables. This can be at any time of day if they are hungry. Only raw fruit and vegetables and water will be allowed during class time. As this is not a break, please ensure that the fruit or vegetables are prepared in a way which makes them easy to eat and leave little mess.

Lunch rubbish and Waste Free Wednesday

To help reduce rubbish at school we are encouraging students to have a waste-free lunch box every day and take any rubbish home in their lunchbox. Food scraps will go to the worm farm. Every Wednesday we are rewarding students for having a waste-free lunchbox. Consider how you can package your child's lunch in reusable containers to ensure that there is no waste created. 

Our Contact Details

We operate an open door policy in the Kauri team, so please come in and see us if you have any issues or concerns. One of your child’s pod teachers is the first port of call, then the team leader. 

Pod 1

Craig Smith: (team leader)

Sam McKeown: 

Pod 2

Phillipa Benefield: 

Helen Henkin:

Jules Herlihy: