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Welcome to Room Pod 2

We are Pod 2; a year 5 & 6 class in the Kauri team. Our teachers are Mrs Henkin and Mrs Benefield. Mrs Benefield keeps our learning waka afloat all week. Mrs Henkin guides us on our learning journey on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Herlihy joins us on a Thursday and Friday. Mrs Hinge is supporting us in creating our learning environment so that all 59 students and our teachers achieve success in our learning pod.

In Kauri Pod 2 we are using the learning metaphor of paddling our waka through the waters of learning. We are striving to become independent learners so that we can use our learning waka hoe (paddles) to guide our waka to personal success. Some of use are still learning to work independently on our learning journey and need a lot of support from the teachers and so are in the Waka Whenua (on the land practising how to paddle). All students started in the Waka Awa (paddling in the river) as they received just the right amount of support to complete many tasks independently. We are very proud of how many of the Kauri Pod 2 students have taken ownership of their learning and are now successfully paddling the Waka Moana out on the mighty ocean of learning. Hopefully by the end of the year we will all be paddling in the Waka Moana.

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