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The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) 

The Clevedon School PTFA exists to create memorable events and experiences for our children while delivering essential fundraising for the school. Events not only serve as fundraisers but as community builders. These events are executed in line with our school PRIDE values, they set a standard of behaviour for our children and illustrate the reward of mucking in.  The foundation for community belonging and pride starts now. 


The PTFA’s goal for 2017 is to financially support our school’s ‘NEEDS’

The PTFA’s goal beyond 2017 is to financially support our school’s ‘WANTS’. 

For the PTFA to achieve these objectives, it needs you. People are the PTFA’s most valuable asset, lots of people - more people doing less.

Why not consider how you can be involved, how you can set an example for your children to follow. Muck in, have fun, meet other parents - Every little bit helps!  

Below is an outline of what the PTFA wants to achieve this year. Whether you can lead an area or help-out for 30 minutes, every little bit helps. 

Please email to register your interest in a specific area, indicate times/days you are available to contribute or simply to join the database as a casual helper.  

2017 Events Calendar

Look out for specific details of these PTFA events in school newsletters and website updates.  Tentative dates are included below.

Please indicate your interest to be involved in any of these PTFA activities by email.













21st: PTFA AGM







Easter Raffle


Junior Disco




Senior Movie Night




X-Country (Food)



AG Day (Food plus more)







Christmas Lights




AGM – Please come along to support the PTFA AGM on Tuesday 21st February at 7.30pm.

Food (eg: Baps, Smoothies, Sausages) – Stalls providing healthy food four times during 2017 at Swimming, X-Country, AG Day and Athletics.

AG Day– PTFA provides food stalls including cake/sweet stalls, as well as organising raffles.

Christmas Lights – Following the inaugural event last year, we need confirmation that there is an appetite for this event to continue and that there are people willing to make it happen. If there is a stall at the event you’d like to take charge of please register your interest by email.


Other key PTFA activities


Class Ambassador – The link between parents, the PTFA and teachers for each classroom. For more information or to register your interest please email.

Produce Stall – To be established in early 2017, a student-run entrepreneurial stall selling various local goods. Watch out for what’s on offer.   

Building a Sustainable PTFA

Our school needs a strong, ongoing community to support critical fundraising requirements.  It needs to be a self-fulfilling legacy of a team of people who are constantly evolving. A work load shared, having fun supporting our school. 

For key leadership roles, the PTFA’s vision is to establish a three-stage involvement cycle – initially being a casual team member, secondly taking a leadership role, and finally handing it over to another person and supporting them like a coach.  Key PTFA roles include:

-     Chairperson

-     Treasurer

-     Lead on Food Stalls

-     Lead on each key event eg: AG Day, Disco, Movie Night, Christmas Lights

-     Lead Class Ambassador


You are the PTFA’s most valuable asset

Everyone in our community has something to offer. Without a lot of people adding a little bit of value the PTFA is incapable of carrying out plans for the year and ultimately incapable of providing support to our fabulous school. 


Let’s work together and achieve great things for our school in 2017 and beyond.


Please email the PTFA if you’re able to be involved in any way