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Term 1 


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We would like to welcome all of you back to Term 1. We have an exciting year ahead of us and are looking forward to working alongside you to ensure your child/ren have a wonderful learning year.


Our Totara teachers:

Mrs Kelly Cowan- Room 11

Mrs Nicole Fraser / Mrs Chane Van Tonder- Room12

Miss Ilse Swanepoel - Room 13

Miss Miranda Huang / Mrs Rachel Ryan / Mrs Jodie Boyle - POD 3


Our Learning: 

Physical Education:

For term 1, we have a focus on Swimming. This is on a Tuesday and Friday. Please remind children to bring their togs, towel and goggles (if needed), all named and in their swimming bag.  


Other helpful information:


Students are required to bring brainfood on a daily basis. These can be raw fruit or vegetables and will be eaten during class time as needed between the start of the day and morning tea time. Please ensure these are manageable by your child. Large pieces can be cut up and placed in a container.

Book bags:

Book bags should be at school every day as they are needed for the safe keep of readers, library books, notices, etc. Parents, please help your children to get into the routine of packing their book bag every day and swapping their readers once they are at school.


Please ensure your child is wearing the correct winter uniform items with black sandals. Name all items clearly with your child’s name. Hats should be worn daily and students are required to enter or exit the school grounds wearing their shoes. These shoes should be worn on the bus at all times.  



Developing mathematical knowledge and strategies according to the student's needs. 



  • pose questions for investigation

  • collect category data

  • display data in tally charts, uniform pictograms bar charts

  • make statements about data displays





Students will:

  • read daily

  • have experience with different text types such as poems, shared books, recounts etc.)

  • develop letter and sound identification and correlation

  • develop high-frequency word recognition

  • read texts linked to their learning across the curriculum

  • develop skills such as making connections and retelling

  • develop comprehension skills 



Students will:

  • develop skills in using the writing process (plan, write, improve and publish)

  • record letters in words in the order that they hear them

  • use finger spaces and capital letters correctly

  • learn to shape the letters correctly

  • use high-frequency words in their writing

  • develop spelling skills in their writing 

  • learn to write recounts about personal experiences

  • learn to write information reports 

Te Reo


Te Reo will be integrated into all curriculum areas. We will also have opportunities to focus specifically on:

  • karakia: all students will learn to lead the karakia in class

  • learning to talk about kai

  • learning calendar maths, for example, dates, days, weather and months.

Please make contact with your child's teacher or Mrs Jodie Boyle for any further information.